Use The Power of Free Traffic Exchange Sites

Use The Power of Free Traffic Exchange Sites

In order to build your referral network, you will need to leverage on traffic exchanges sites and start promoting your site (of course with your referral link embedded) . As the name implies, it is a method to exchange traffic with others who also share the same objective with you (This is the target audience we are looking for Рpeople who are looking for ways to make money online). A typical traffic exchange offers you credits for viewing websites, and you use credits to gain views on your website (OPTIONAL: you can also choose to purchase the credit if you want).

There are tons of traffic exchange sites but i will STRONGLY recommend EasyHits4U (You can check out the full review here) because it not only give your credit, but also pay you $0.30 for every 1000 website visited (not much but better than nothing)

Innovative Traffic Exchange

Why EasyHits4U?

1. 1,236,341 registered members till date

2. It pay you 30 cents for every 1000 page surfed, unlike other sites

3. Over 13 years online and paying

So you really don’t have to invest your time or effort in other traffic exchange site anymore.

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