Traffic Monsoon Review


Traffic Mansoon Review


Traffic Mansoon is a revenue sharing and advertising company that was launched on the 10 October 2014 by Charles Scoville. Trafficmonsoon is not an investment site, but a proper advertising business which shares revenues with active participants.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

onlineOnline Since

click rate newClick Rate
$0.001 – $0.02

cashoutMin Cashout
1st Payout – $2.00

no of adsDaily Ads

daily earningAvg Earning
$0.1 +- Daily

Payout Wait

affiliateAffiliate Program
No DR Limit
100% ref earnings

paymentPayment Modes
Paypal, Payza, Solid Trust Pay

GridPrize Grid


countryAllowed Countries
All Countries

We are PAID
7 Times

High Click Rate – Trafficmansoon has a high click rate which they called it “Cash Link”, ranging from $0.001 up to $0.02. There are around 10 x $0.01 daily for you to earn from.

Cash Link

Paying – Till date, Trafficm0nsoon currently is paying as per their Terms, instant payment request.

Low Minimum Cashout – $2.00 to cashout through Paypal (First payout) and it has a stepped withdrawal program, which means it is incremented by $1 each time until $10 – $2.00, then $3.00, then $4.00 and so forth up to $10

100% Referral Commission– You can earn 100% commission from your referral when they clicked on the cashlink. Good thing is that there is no limit to the number of people you can refer to the site, which is excellent opportunity for members that are able to gain referrals. If you build big and active downline, then you could earn extra pocket money with no hard additional effort.

Unlimited Free Advertising credit– For FREE account, you will be surfing with a 2:1 ratio, which means you will receive one visitor credit for each two websites you surf. For PAID account, you will surfing with a 1:1 ratio, which means you will receive one visitor credit for every websites you surf.

Trafficmonsoon is really a great way to get direct referrals online. This is a great opportunity to send several thousand visitors quickly to your websites.

Less than 1 Year Old Site- Although it is only a site that is coming to a year, it is showing potential and is a truly paying site (Personally we are being PAID too – See our payment proof section)

Trafficmonsoon is currently still paying, so why not jump onto the wagon and start earning first without any investment? You have nothing to lose anyway.


We are being PAID 7 times

CashNHits Payment 1 - 22 June 2015

CashNHits Payment 1 - 22 June 2015


1 of


Cash Links  These are paid-to-click links which appear on your dashboard, and reward you with extra cash!

Cash links are a great way to show other members what else you’re involved with, and invite them to join you.

$1.00 => 50 visitors = $0.02 per click. $0.01 goes to clicker, and $0.01 goes to sponsor
Visitor remains on your site 30 seconds

$1.00 => 25 visitors = $0.04 per click. $0.02 goes to clicker, and $0.02 goes to sponsor
Visitor remains on your site 60 seconds

To qualify for referral click earnings from these links, you must have clicked a minimum of 10 ads in the traffic exchange within the last 24 hours.

Earn Traffic Exchange Credits – Any purchase turns your account into a life-time paid member. Each ad view in our traffic exchange will reward you 1 visitor credit in the traffic exchange.

FREE members can surf ads, and receive 1 visitor credit for every 2 sites you view in the traffic exchange.

There is no requirement to refer to share in site profits.

Services – When you are a paid member, you share profits from all of the following services.

– Pay-Per-Click Banner Ad Campaigns
– Pay-Per-Click Text Ad Campaigns
– Traffic Exchange Start Pages
– Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases
– Monsoon Traffic Packages
– Login Ads

14 July 2015 – Site has been moved to Legit and Paying Sites after our testing and has proven it to be paying instantly

8 July 2015 – Review completed

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

Note: The content included in this review is based on Free/Standard membership details and personal testing. Please refer to the official site for the updated information about upgrade/rented referrals features and do your own researches before purchasing or using those features.

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