Steps To Get Started To Make Money Online Doing Surveys


Step by Step Guide To Get Started To Earn Money Doing Paid Surveys

A lot of people are very skeptical in making money online and always have this limiting belief that it is a 100% SCAM. They simply don’t believe that they can get paid to take surveys online. Well, I am here to tell you that you can. I have been getting paid to take surveys since few years ago and find that it is a great way to earn extra cash in my spare time.

Of course bear in mind that this is NOT a get rich program!

When I actually persuade or educate people that it is a legitimate opportunity by showing them payment proofs like the one I have shown in each survey sites here, I often get asked “How can I get started?”

In this step by step guide, I will answer this question. Hopefully you guys can follow these same steps to earn yourself some FREE cash.

STEP 1: Get yourself an email (If you don’t have)

email for survey

An email is an essential for this business because all of your survey related emails should be sent to an email account and it will be advisable to have a dedicated email for this purpose. This helps with organization and also prevents survey invites from getting mixed up with personal/businesss in your main account. There are tons of email account that are FREE to sign up. You might want to consider the 3 main popular ones, GMail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook Mail.

STEP 2: Sign up for a Paypal Account




If you don’t already have a PayPal account, go ahead and sign up for a free PayPal account. Some of the top survey panels, for example IPanelOnline, MySurvey, Opinion World, Toluna and many others reward panelists via PayPal so it is a good idea to have one.



STEP 3: Sign up for trusted and proven get paid survey sites



Why trial and error yourself and wasting your time finding the best paying survey?

We have already provided you the complete top list of online surveys that is paying which we have tested (You can always find the payment proof in each survey review). You can find them in the top menu or in our front home page.

Participate in the profiling surveys after your registration. These surveys allow you to participate in proper surveys in the future.



STEP 4: Check for Survey in your Email

email invitation



After registration and the profiling survey, you are now READY to get started to earn money online doing survey. Always check your emails for any survey opportunities from the respective site.

STEP 5: Complete the survey

Get paid online survey



Respond and complete surveys in you survey box. Various types of surveys will be sent to you, all available to respond online. Points will be credited to your account upon each completed and verified surveys.



NOTE: Do not get Blacklist by the survey company. Here are some guidelines for you.

– survey panellists who provide poor quality responses, inconsistent answers, and complete surveys especially quickly, may be “blacklisted.

– This means that a survey panel will flag panellists accounts, discontinuing inviting panellists to participate in studies. Panels do this to ensure the integrity of the surveys they conduct and so that safeguards are in place against notorious “professional survey takers”.

– The best way to avoid being blacklisted is to take your time when answering online surveys and provide honest answers when doing so. These simple measures should be enough to prevent most survey participants from being incorrectly labelled as an unsuitable survey panellist.

STEP 6: Redeem your points for Cash or Voucher

Survey online rewards



Ka ching! Ka Ching! This is the moment you are waiting for – the time to cash out your rewards and turn it into real cash or voucher. You can easily cash out via Paypal (for supported survey sites)

Simply follow these simple 6 steps and you are on the way to make money online by doing surveys.

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