Join Online Money Making Forums and Facebook Group

Join Online Money Making Forums and Facebook Group

In order to succeed in any Paid to Click or online money making site, you must focus on acquiring direct referrals which will bring you money. You can try to join the below forums to promote your referral link or website. Why? The reason is simple because your target audience is like minded people who want to make money online, so these are the places they will gather and discuss, therefore the conversion rate is higher.

List of forums to join

Warrior Forum

You may consider using these forums above or you can just google for other PTC and ‘make money online’ forums.

Beside using participating in forums, you can also leverage on the power of Social Media network like Facebook groups to gain more referrals, so start to join groups that are focusing on earning money online.

Do’s and Don’t to take note

DO share useful tips and comments in the forum thread to benefit the member there

DON’T keep SPAMMING your referral links in the threads

DO embed your referral link or website link in your signature (Some forums might not allow)

DO visit and make valuable contribution to the forums regularly

DO advertise your referral link in the advertising section of the forum.

DON’T waste your time promoting fake and scam sites. Make sure that you have done a comprehensive audit or research before you spend your time to promote it. Clixsense and Neobux are the ones you should be promoting since they have already been labelled as the King and Queen of the Paid To Click industry.

DON’T do referral exchange in the forum. There is a section for members to exchange referral link which mean that you have to join someone site as your referrals and in return he will join your site. I have tested this method and the issue here is that the referral you got through this method are most likely not motivated and will just give up very soon. So it is absolute waste of your time if you do this way.

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