[IMPROVED] All-Time Paying and Legit Online Paid Survey Site – Ipanelonline

[IMPROVED] All-Time Paying and Legit Online Paid Survey Site – Ipanelonline


This is the MOST important and first question everyone will ask. Noone will care about the company information and new improvised features if it is not even paying.

To answer your doubts, we can share with you that it is REALLY PAYING (we cannot guarantee since it is not our company) BUT we have personally tried out and tested the site for years and it has been constantly paying us without fail. You can check out the payment proof in our IPANELONLINE review page.

So if you are interested, you might continue to read on.


iPanel is a professional online sample collecting company for market survey. They invite netizens to join their membership system through internet or offline for FREE to help corporations obtain opinions and suggestions of the consumers.

iPanel lets you share your opinions and suggestions fast, conveniently and intelligently. Any survey you participate in will give you 1-2000 points. They are a reputational Asian online survey company ranked within the top 10 of the sample companies throughout the world by authorities through consecutive years. They keep their promises to you and receive high credibility from the members. The online surveys offered by the company are rewarded with redeemable points to you. For more information, you can refer to their official website site.


1. Enhanced Graphical User Interface – they have improved on the user interface to make it more user-friendly and better user experience

ipanel new website

2. Mobile app coming – Good news! The mobile APP is ready to install! With it, you don’t need a computer anymore, but can answer online surveys on your phone to earn points anywhere at any time. Check out for more functions! You can participate in surveys anywhere and any time through this APP on your smartphone. You can win more points more easily!

It is available in Android and iOS

3. More rewards – By inviting friends, you will not only get reward points but also have chance to win the contribution awards which are issued monthly.

4. Lucky draw -They run a weekly lucky draw. Being an active member, you may be the lucky one next week! You won the lucky draw? As long as you are an active member, please participate as much as you can. You will have chances to win weekly.Maybe the winner of next week will be you!

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