How To Make Money Online With Paid To Click Sites?


If you are looking for ways and methods to make money online FREE, you have come to the right place. Currently, we have focused into consolidating legit and paying online paid survey list to share with friends out there. Beside that, we have now ventured into doing online researches and our own testing to come out reviews and also shared the most legit and paying paid to click site list.

Introduction to Paid To Click Sites (PTC)

What is a PTC Site and how it work?

What is a PTC Site?

A PTC (Paid To Click) is a website that rewards its member for clicking and viewing Ads of other websites.

A PTC is the middleman between advertisers with the potential clients (members of PTC Sites). The advertiser pays a fee to the PTC that shares a part of that fee with its members, with the only condition that the members click and view the ads.

ptc site

To earn money from a PTC site, you will have to click on a list of ads shown in your PTC member area, daily.

Why need to do this daily? – This is because the PTC sites usually penalize the inactivity of your members.

The number of ads in different PTC Sites, varies between 15 and 25 ads daily.
Clicking the ads can acumulate you between $0.001/click and $0.015/click.

You can earn more from every referral that you bring to a PTC site and the amount earned increases considerably.

What is a referral or affiliate?

A PTC referral or affiliate is a person that joins a PTC site through your referral link.

There are 2 types of PTC referrals categories:

1. Depending on the way you get them:

Direct PTC referrals: is the person that joins the PTC site through your referral link.

Rented PTC referrals: much of the PTC sites are renting referrals for certain fees.

Bought PTC referrals: some of the PTC sites sell referrals.

2. Depending on the referrals activity:

Active PTC referral: is a person that click on the ads available in the PTC account every day.

Inactive PTC referral: is a person that not click on the ads available in the PTC account every day.

How to earn Money from PTC Sites?

It is very simple to earn money with PTC sites because it requires just a BASIC COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE and SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION WITH NO PROXY in order to earn. Just register in all those Legit Paying PTC or New PTC sites here. Once you completed the signup process, you are ready to earn money. These PTC sites usually pay ranging between $0.0001 to $0.1 per advertisements you are viewing and usually available ads per day will varies, depending on each PTC sites. Simply click every Ad and view for few seconds, validate AD and Get paid instantly. Once reached minimum payout, withdraw your earned money through Paypal, Payza and then to your Local Bank Account.

This is not the end, you can also increase your income through referring others to these PTC sites by using your referral links & earn almost 50% of their revenue.


tick All PTC sites are FREE to join
tick Make money with PTC sites does not require much skills
tick No prior experience is required


An example earning chart is given below with 100 referrals under your downline and assuming not all of them won’t be active, so let’s just take 50 active referrals.

Your click earnings: 5 ads x $.01 = $ 0.05/day

Your referral click earnings: 50 x 5 ads x $.005 = $1.25/day

Your total earnings per day per site = $ 1.30

Your monthly earnings per site = 30 x $ 1.30 = $39

If you join just 10 best paying PTC sites, your potential earnings is: 10 x 39 = $390/month


What you need to have to start this business?

tickA personal desktop computer (or) Laptop
Note: Only one account per computer per IP is allowed

tickInternet Connection With No Proxy
Note: NO VPN, VPS, proxy or shared connection is allowed

tick Email Account (Preferably Gmail)
Note: It is recommend to have a separate email address solely for PTC account registration, so that you will not mix your personal email.

tick Paypal Account – For withdrawing of your earning.
If you don’t already have a PayPal account, go ahead and sign up for a free PayPal account

Note: There are also some other payment processor like payza, neteller and others but it is recommended to use Paypal.


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