How to Earn Your First $5USD in JUST 1 day with Prizerebel?

How to Earn Your First $5USD in JUST 1 day with Prizerebel?

Okay, when you see the title, you might be thinking to yourself, “Well, it is just $5USD, what is so great?”

Yes true enough that $5 might not be significant or even considered just peanut to most of us, but this article will help people to diminish the wrong perception that making money online is always SCAM. If you can earn this small amount online and REALLY get paid for that, you will be more confident and have faith that there are still good legit and paying sites around, BUT always remember the rules of thumb

  1. If it sound too good to be true, then it is. (Avoid at all cost)
  2. You do not need to pay any money to take part in online paid survey or PTC sites (unless you intend to scale up the business after trying out the program)

Now let’s start to earn your first $5 USD in Prizerebel.

Step 1: Of course, you will need to sign up a FREE account in Prizerebel, just click on the banner below to register an account.

Step 2: Go to Your Surveys and click on “Click here”. It will open a new windows and start to load surveys that are available. If you are lucky, you will have the chance to complete 3 surveys (85 points per survey completed – 255)

Make money online with prizerebel

Step 3: Go to PeanutsLabs and complete any surveys that are available (Just keep doing and you should be able to get 50 points from there)

make money online prizerebel

Step 4: If there is no survey, you can proceed to and complete most of the tasks (for example downloading and running the mobile app – remember to follow the requirement to earn the points) If you have both iOS and Andriod, you can even earn more.

Tip: Download games and play them to achieve the required criteria to earn the points, it can be a whopping 180 point (equivalent to $1.8) for one game, so look for app that give you more points – you can easily get up to 200 points from there.

play game online prizerebel

After a few surveys and tasks done, you will be able to earn 500 points in a few hours or a day and you are now ready to withdraw the money to your paypal.

Step 5: Go to Rewards and choose the “$5 Paypal money” to redeem it. For first time withdrawal, it will take up to a day to be paid, but for the subsequent withdrawal, it will be less than 1 hour or even instantly.

prizerebel payment

prizerebel claim paypal

Now you have earned your first dollar online, you can start to refer people to join Prizerebel and the best thing is that you can earn 20% referral points from anyone that you refer for life!

prizerebel referral

You can check out our guide to get referrals for this online business.

For more information on Prizerebel and also our payment proof (We are being PAID 4 times till date), you can refer to our review.

Disclaimer: Results may vary due to demographic requirement and availability of offers.

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