Generate Referrals Using Website and Blog

Generate Referrals Using Website and Blog

If you are committed to making money online on PTC Sites or other online money making program, creating a website of your own is the most crucial factor to long term success and it is a MUST to implement it.

3 Main Reasons why creating a blog/website to promote PTC sites is important

1. If your visitor come to your site via Google organic search, there is a high probability that these “targeted audience” are interested in this topic and might just become your referral.

2. When you are paying for advertisement space in platform like Google adwords , bidvertiser and many others (this topic will be covered in the later post), you are promoting all your PTC sites referral link embedded in your website, instead of just one. Isn’t that great to use one stone to hit two many birds?

3. Once you have a blog or website with a constant stream of visitors, beside promoting PTC sites, you can also advocate other online money making program along the way.

What should I write in my blog?

First of all, you must be passionate about what you are doing now – making money online because this can be a long journey before you reach a significant success.

Secondly, patience play a huge part in this business.

If you read on, i will assume you will continue and apply the techniques in this coming weeks.

So what are the content needed for the site?

1. Doing reviews of the PTC sites that you are working on and discuss the benefits of joining.

2. Providing LEGIT payment proof from the program you have joined, this will encourage your referral to be active and continue on the business. If you do not have any payment proof yet, you can always google for some and remember to give credit back to the source. You are also welcome to use my payment proof in my site and kindly credit back to my site.

3. Share any tips and tricks to garner more sales or conversions

4. Discuss on the latest trend and news on your niche or industry to keep your visitor updated

5. You can also be a SCAM buster and scrutinise programs that might be fraud. A good example of this site is PTC Central  and also my own PTC review section

6. Brainstorm on any other topics that is beneficial to your visitor, there is no limit to what you can share but also remember the Key takeaway – contribute valuable insight to anyone that comes to your website.

BONUS: You can also monetise your site further by place Click Per Click (CPC) ads using Adhitz. It is NOT RECOMMENDED to use Google adsense because they do not like this topic category and you might running into the risk of getting your google account banned for life.

How do I start to create my website?

Step 1: Brainstorm a domain name that is related to your niche (for example, if you are working on PTC, you can have a name called, and others, but it still depends on availability of the name) You can use NameCheap  to register the domain once you are ready, it cost just $10USD annually.

Step 2: Next you should get a hosting service from Vodien to start to install WordPress (Just a few minutes, your website should be up and running)

Note: If you are still having problem setting up your WordPress website, you can refer to the complete guide here OR alternatively, drop us a message via our contact form and we can do it for you with just a minimal fee.

Step 3: Start to create content to post in your blog.

You might be wondering now that it might be a bit tedious and required some investment using the above steps, why not use free blogging platform by blogger?

The main reason to use your own web hosting and domain is to protect yourself from getting banned in these free sites and all your efforts went down the drain. With your own hosted website, you have the flexibility to do anything you want and will not be at the mercy of anyone. Here are some screenshot that blogger members can their account banned.

Screenshot Image from Clixsense


Screenshot Image from Warrior Forum (The no. 1 Internet marketing forum)


These are just some of the examples and it is already well know that these free platform is not in favour for topic like make money online or PTC sites, so do it at your own risk.

Hope this tip is useful to you. Stay tuned for the next week topic.

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